Review: Innisfree Daily UV Defense SPF 36 – Hydrating, Soothing, TSA Friendly

Welcome to our review⁢ of the Innisfree Daily UV Defense Broad ​Spectrum SPF 36 invisible sunscreen! As skincare ⁣enthusiasts, we ⁢are always on the lookout for ​the perfect sunscreen that not only protects our ⁣skin ⁤from harmful UV rays but also provides hydration and soothing benefits.⁤ With claims of being hydrating, soothing, free of white-cast, and TSA friendly, we couldn’t wait to put this product to the test. Join us as we dive into our​ experience with this Korean-made sunscreen and see ​if it lives up⁣ to its promises.

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– Overview

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Encased in a compact, travel-friendly packaging, this sunscreen packs a powerful punch in ⁢terms of protection while remaining lightweight and invisible on the skin. The hydrating formula soothes the skin, making it perfect for daily wear. Say goodbye to ⁢the dreaded white-cast typically associated with sunscreens; this product blends effortlessly into all skin tones, leaving a smooth, ​matte finish.

Product Details
Product Dimensions 2 x 3 x 6 inches
Item⁣ model number 231170411
Country of Origin Korea, Republic of

Whether you’re headed for a⁤ day at‍ the beach or just ‍running errands, this sunscreen is our go-to for reliable protection. With its TSA-friendly‌ size and non-greasy formula, this product is a must-have for anyone looking to keep their skin safe from harmful UV ​rays. Experience the benefits for yourself – click here to make your purchase!

– Features and Benefits

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When it comes to sunscreen, we look for products that not only protect our skin but also provide additional⁣ benefits. This sunscreen from Innisfree does just that. It is hydrating, soothing, ‍and most importantly, it leaves no white-cast behind. This is perfect for those who‍ want to protect their skin without looking like a ghost!

Another ⁣great feature of this sunscreen is ‍that it is TSA friendly, making it easy to travel with. The ⁣product dimensions are 2 ⁤x 3 x 6 inches, and it weighs only 2.89⁤ ounces. This lightweight sunscreen is the perfect addition to your skincare routine, whether you’re⁢ at home ⁤or on the go. Trust ⁤us, you won’t want to leave the house without it! Don’t miss out on this must-have ‍sunscreen – get yours​ today at Amazon.

– Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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We were thoroughly impressed with​ the detailed⁢ insights and recommendations for the Innisfree Daily UV Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 36 invisible sunscreen. The hydrating formula‌ left our skin feeling nourished and moisturized, while the soothing properties provided a calming effect on our skin. We were delighted to discover that this sunscreen does not leave behind any white-cast, ensuring ‍a seamless and natural finish.

Moreover, the TSA-friendly ‌size ⁢makes it convenient for travel, allowing us to maintain sun protection on-the-go. The product dimensions of 2 x 3 x 6 inches and weight of 2.89 ounces make it easy to slip into our carry-on bag or purse. With the country of origin ‍being Korea, Republic of, we trust in the quality and efficacy‍ of this sunscreen to keep our skin protected‌ from harmful UV rays. For a reliable and effective sunscreen that checks all the boxes, we highly recommend trying out this product!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing the customer reviews for the Innisfree Daily UV Defense SPF 36, it is clear that this product has garnered a lot of positive feedback from ‌various users with different skin types and concerns. Here are​ some key points we gathered from the reviews:

Customer Feedback Key Takeaways
Best sunscreen found so far Non-irritating, no white cast, perfect for no makeup days
Super creamy and hydrating No sticky ⁤feeling, favorite product
Lightly scented, pleasant smell No breakouts, ​daily sunscreen moisturizer
Great for daily skincare routine Light, not sticky, minor sunscreen smell
Nice on ⁤face, no white cast, not heavy Good for carrying around, easy to ‌absorb
Leaves glow, no ​complaints Wish for a fragrance-free SPF 50 version
Works perfectly for combination skin No⁢ greasiness, primes skin, no clogged pores

Overall, the consensus among customers is that the Innisfree Daily ​UV Defense SPF 36 is a highly ⁣effective sunscreen that​ provides hydration, soothing effects, and does not leave a white ‌cast on the skin. While some users mentioned a slight scent or ‍desire for a fragrance-free option, the majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive and praise‌ this product⁣ for​ its quality ​and performance.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Hydrating formula
  • Soothing on the skin
  • No white-cast
  • TSA friendly size


  • SPF 36⁢ may not be⁣ strong enough for intense ⁢sun exposure
  • Some users may prefer a higher SPF level


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Q: Does‍ this sunscreen leave a white cast on the skin?
A: No, one of the great things about the Innisfree Daily UV Defense SPF 36 is that it is invisible on the skin, so there’s no need to worry about any white residue!

Q: Is ‍this sunscreen hydrating for dry skin?
A: Absolutely! This⁢ sunscreen is very hydrating and soothing, making it perfect for‍ those with dry‌ skin looking for sun protection without feeling dried out.

Q: Can I bring this sunscreen with me while traveling?
A: Yes, this sunscreen is TSA friendly, so ‍you can easily pack it in your⁢ carry-on luggage without any issues. It’s the perfect travel companion for sun protection on the ⁤go!

Q: What is the texture⁢ of this sunscreen⁣ like?
A: The texture of‌ this sunscreen is smooth and lightweight, making it easy ⁢to apply and comfortable to wear throughout the day. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on⁤ the skin.

Q: Is‌ this sunscreen ⁢suitable for sensitive skin?
A: Yes, this sunscreen is gentle and soothing, making​ it ⁤suitable⁣ for those‍ with sensitive skin. It won’t cause irritation or breakouts, so you can feel ⁢confident using it on your delicate skin.

Discover the Power

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As we wrap up our review of the Innisfree Daily UV Defense ​SPF 36 sunscreen, we can confidently say ​that this product has exceeded our expectations. With⁣ its hydrating and soothing formula, along ⁤with its TSA-friendly size and no white-cast⁢ finish, it has quickly become a staple in our daily skincare routine.

If you’re in need of a reliable sunscreen that will keep your skin protected without any hassle, we highly recommend ‌giving the Innisfree Daily UV Defense SPF 36 a try. Click here to get your hands on this amazing product and experience the benefits for yourself: Innisfree Daily UV Defense SPF 36.

Stay ​protected, stay glowing! 💫🌞 #SunscreenForTheWin

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