100 pcs Chanzon LED Diode Lights: Brighten up your DIY projects with high intensity lighting

100 pcs Chanzon LED Diode Lights: Brighten up your DIY projects with high intensity lighting

Welcome to our product⁣ review blog post​ where ⁣we‍ will‍ be‍ sharing our first-hand experience ⁣with the Chanzon ‍100 pcs 3528⁢ (1210) White SMD LED⁣ Diode Lights ⁣Chips.
As technology continues to advance, so does the need for efficient and bright lighting solutions. The Chanzon LED Diode Lights‍ Chips ‍are⁤ designed to meet‌ this demand, offering high intensity and bright lighting in a compact and versatile⁢ form.
With a quantity of 100 pieces‌ per⁤ pack, these LED diode lights chips measure 3.5 x 2.8mm and emit‍ a crisp white light⁣ with a color temperature of 6000K-9000K. The luminous intensity ranges from 7-8LM, providing a⁤ sufficient amount of brightness ⁢for various applications.
One of the standout features of these LED ‍diode lights chips is their ⁣wide viewing angle of 120 degrees,‍ ensuring a broad and even distribution of light. This makes ⁤them ideal for projects that require uniform ​illumination or a ⁢wider ⁢lighting ⁣coverage.
In⁣ terms of functionality, these LED diode lights chips operate at a forward voltage/current of 3V-3.2V and 20mA, consuming low power and offering‍ low ​voltage capabilities.​ This allows for‌ energy-efficient ​and cost-effective lighting solutions.
The Chanzon LED Diode Lights Chips are highly compatible with DIY PCB board circuits, making them suitable for bulk parts replacement or dashboard light up ⁢projects. They can⁤ be easily replaced in various⁤ devices such as car dashes, trucks, motorcycle instrument clusters,​ and ⁣even Xbox controllers.
In​ conclusion, the Chanzon 100 pcs 3528 (1210) White SMD LED Diode Lights Chips are the perfect⁣ choice for anyone looking for high-intensity, ⁤bright lighting solutions. Their compact size, wide viewing angle, and low power consumption make them a ⁤versatile option for a variety of projects. Stay tuned ​as we delve into a detailed review of these ⁤LED diode lights chips and share​ our insights on their performance and overall value.

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100 pcs Chanzon LED Diode Lights: Brighten up your DIY projects with high intensity lighting插图
In this section, we will provide⁤ an of⁤ the Chanzon SMD‌ LED Diode Lights. These LED lights come in a pack of 100 pieces and have a compact size of 3.5 x 2.8mm. ⁢The emitting color of these LEDs is a vibrant ⁢white, with a ‌color temperature ranging from​ 6000K to 9000K, ensuring a ‌bright⁤ and clear​ illumination.

With a luminous intensity of 7-8LM, these‌ LED diodes provide ⁣a high-intensity bright lighting experience. The wide viewing angle of 120 degrees ensures that the​ light is spread ⁣evenly and can be seen from different angles. The forward voltage/current ‌required ‌for these LEDs is 3V-3.2V⁤ and 20mA.

These LED diodes are surface mount devices, making⁣ them easy to install on any⁢ DIY PCB board circuit or for bulk parts replacement. They are also suitable for various applications such as dashboard lighting in cars, trucks, or motorcycles, as well as for replacing LEDs ⁢in Xbox controllers.⁢ Despite their ‍compact size, these LED‌ diodes emit a micro, tiny bright light ‍while consuming low voltage and ⁢power.

To learn more about the Chanzon SMD LED Diode Lights ⁢and‌ purchase them, click here. Experience the high-intensity brightness and easy installation ⁢of these LEDs for all your lighting needs.

Key Features and Specifications

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  • Quantity:‍ This​ pack includes 100 pieces⁢ of Chanzon SMD LED diode lights chips,⁢ providing you with ample options for your projects.
  • Size: Each diode measures ⁤3.5 x 2.8 mm, making ⁣them compact and easy to work with.
  • Emitting ‍Color:⁣ The diodes emit a bright white light with a ⁣color temperature of 6000K-9000K, ensuring⁣ clear and vibrant illumination⁢ in your projects.
  • Luminous Intensity: With a luminous intensity of⁣ 7-8LM, these diodes deliver high-intensity brightness for enhanced visibility.
  • Viewing Angle:⁢ The diodes have a wide viewing ​angle of⁤ 120⁤ degrees, allowing for a broad and comprehensive ‍illumination range.
  • Forward Voltage / ‍Current: ​These diodes operate at a forward voltage of 3V-3.2V‍ and a current of 20mA, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.
  • Polarity: The⁣ diodes feature clear⁢ indicators for anode and cathode polarity, ‍ensuring easy and accurate installation.
  • Compatibility: These diodes are compatible with DIY PCB board circuits, making⁤ them ideal for bulk⁣ parts ‌replacement and dashboard lighting projects.
  • Wide Applications: These diodes can be used to ‍replace LEDs in car dashes, trucks, motorcycle instrument​ clusters, and Xbox controllers, offering versatility in various applications.
  • Low Power Consumption: With a low voltage and low power consumption design, these diodes are ⁤energy-efficient and ‍cost-effective.
  • Shipping Weight: The pack of 100 LED diodes has a shipping weight​ of 0.7oz (0.02kg), ensuring easy​ and‌ convenient​ delivery to your doorstep.

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Detailed Insights and Performance Analysis

100 pcs Chanzon LED Diode Lights: Brighten up your DIY projects with high intensity lighting插图2
In this section, we would like to provide detailed insights and a performance analysis of the Chanzon ⁣100 pcs 3528⁢ (1210) White SMD LED Diode Lights ⁢Chips. This product offers high-intensity bright lighting⁣ with its surface-mount PLCC 3.5mmx2.8mm size and DC 3V voltage.

The white emitting color has a temperature range ⁣of 6000K-9000K, providing a clear and clean light that is suitable for various applications. With a luminous intensity of 7-8LM and a wide viewing ⁤angle of 120 degrees, these⁢ LED diode lights offer a bright and evenly spread ⁢illumination.

One​ of the advantages of these LED diodes is their low power consumption, which makes them‌ ideal for projects that require energy-efficient lighting solutions. They also ⁤come in a pack of 100⁤ pieces, ⁢providing ⁤you with ample replacement options for DIY PCB board circuits or bulk parts replacement.

Compatible with‍ various devices‍ such as car ⁢dashes, trucks, motorcycle ⁤instrument clusters, and Xbox controllers, these LED diode lights⁢ can be easily incorporated into your ⁤existing electronic systems. ​They are micro-sized and⁤ have a low‌ voltage requirement, ⁣making them versatile‍ and suitable for a wide range of applications.

If you’re looking for ‌a cost-effective and reliable LED diode light solution, ⁢we highly‌ recommend‌ checking out ⁤the Chanzon 100 pcs 3528 (1210) White SMD LED Diode Lights Chips. With their high⁢ performance, low​ power ‌consumption, and easy integration, they are an excellent choice ⁣for ‌any electronic project. Click here to get yours ⁤now!

Recommendations and Final Thoughts

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After using and testing the Chanzon 100 pcs 3528 (1210) White SMD LED Diode Lights Chips, we have a few to share.

  1. Highly Versatile: These LED diode lights chips are compatible with various applications such as ‍DIY PCB board circuits, bulk parts replacements,‍ and dashboard lighting. They can even be used to replace the LEDs in your car dash, truck, motorcycle instrument cluster, or ⁣Xbox controller.

  2. Bright and Energy-Efficient: With a luminous‍ intensity of 7-8LM and low voltage and power consumption, these LEDs provide a​ bright light output while being energy-efficient. They also have a wide viewing angle of 120⁢ degrees, ensuring that ⁢the‍ light⁢ is evenly distributed.

  3. Easy ‍Installation: The surface-mount design of these diode lights⁣ chips makes them easy to install on any⁣ compatible surface.⁣ Simply refer to Picture 3‌ for the anode and cathode polarity‍ and follow the arrow on the reverse side.

In conclusion, the ​Chanzon 100 ⁢pcs 3528 (1210) White SMD LED Diode Lights Chips ​are a great choice for anyone looking for⁣ high-intensity, bright⁤ lighting solutions. Their versatility, energy efficiency, and easy installation make them a reliable option. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your lighting setups by grabbing a pack of these LED diode lights chips. Visit our Amazon page today⁢ to make your purchase!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer‍ Reviews Analysis

Here are ‍some customer reviews from our valued customers who have purchased and used the Chanzon 100 ⁢pcs 3528 (1210) White SMD LED Diode ‍Lights Chips:

Replaced ⁤burnt out LED’s in my Volvo S40 instrument cluster

One customer​ shared that ⁢they successfully replaced the burnt out LED’s‍ in⁢ their 2005 Volvo S40 instrument cluster with these Chanzon LED Diode Lights. They mentioned that⁣ it was a fun job that ‍requires skills and ⁢patience, but⁢ now their display is back where it should be. They are hopeful​ that these LED’s last a while.

Great for headlights on slot cars

Another customer uses these ‌LED Diode Lights for headlights on slot cars. They mentioned that they are easy to solder and work‌ well for their purpose.

Perfect bright colors that are easy to solder

A⁤ customer ⁣who frequently buys these⁤ LED Diode ‍Lights‍ in different colors mentioned ​that all‍ the colors are perfect, bright,⁢ and easy to solder. They believe ‍that the product is definitely worth the⁣ price and they will continue to buy more.

Pros and Cons

One customer ⁢provided a ​detailed list⁣ of the pros and cons they experienced with the Chanzon ​LED Diode Lights. They mentioned that⁤ the ​quantity of⁢ LED’s you get for the price is excellent and the delivery ​was quick. They also mentioned that every LED they have ‌used so far has been good.⁢ However,⁢ they noted that when replacing LED’s in a TV backlight, ⁤there was a‌ slight⁤ difference in whiteness color compared to the‌ original LED’s. They‍ were ⁤unsure if this was a fault of the LED’s or if ‍they didn’t orient ​the diffusing lenses correctly. ​They also mentioned the ⁢issue of polarity,‌ as there is no visual ​indication on ​the LED’s and they had to use a ​multimeter to determine the polarity before ⁤soldering.

Great for cluster gauge and control knobs

Another customer used these LED Diode Lights‌ to replace the LEDs ⁢on‌ their cluster gauge and climate control knobs in their 2020⁤ Tacoma. They mentioned that the result looked pretty⁢ good,‍ even though the picture​ showed some ⁤blue bleeding‍ from the needle.

Perfect for changing the backlight color

A customer used⁣ these LED Diode Lights in their Corolla instrument ​panel to change the backlight to blue. They‍ mentioned that⁣ all the LED’s worked first time ​with no issues and produced a bright blue color.

Color discrepancy‌ and customer service experience

Unfortunately, one customer had a negative experience with the color description of the⁣ LED Diode‌ Lights. ‌They ordered the “yellow” ⁤option but received a dark burnt orange color, darker than⁤ the orange LED’s they removed. ⁤When contacting the seller, they were informed that ⁤the LED’s ​were “kind ⁢of on the orange side of yellow.”⁤ This ⁣discrepancy was disappointing for the customer.

Positive feedback⁢ in different languages

A few​ customers ⁢shared their positive ‌experiences with the​ Chanzon ⁣LED Diode Lights in different languages. One customer mentioned that the product is well constructed and they replaced ​the red ⁤LEDs on their Alfa Romeo Mito menu control ‌panel. Another customer⁢ simply stated that the LED’s are not defective. And yet another ⁣customer​ expressed‍ satisfaction in French, saying that the LED’s are perfect for their purpose but they will have to wait⁣ and see on the⁢ durability.

Slight disappointment due to non-functional LED’s

Unfortunately, one customer was disappointed when almost 16 of the LED’s they received were not working. ‌They mentioned being ‍tight on time and not having the ⁣opportunity ‌to return and replace them. This customer expressed some frustration about being stuck with non-functional LED’s.

Recommendation ‍to ‌test polarity before ⁣assembly

Another customer, who‍ has used similar LED’s⁤ in the⁢ past, recommended testing the polarity before⁤ assembly. They mentioned ​that the last batch they had matched the description with a chamfer indicating the negative terminal, but they had‍ experienced reversed polarity issues with similar ‍products before.

Overall, the‍ customer reviews show a mix of positive experiences with the⁤ Chanzon LED ‍Diode⁢ Lights, praising their‍ brightness, ease of soldering, ⁣and value for money. However, there were also a few disappointments mentioned, such as color discrepancies and non-functional LED’s. It‌ is important to note that individual ‍experiences may vary, and it is ⁤always‌ recommended to test‍ the ‍products and ​read instructions carefully before use.

Pros & Cons

100 pcs Chanzon LED Diode Lights: Brighten up your DIY projects with high intensity lighting插图5
1. High intensity lighting: The Chanzon LED diode lights provide bright and intense lighting, making them perfect⁤ for DIY projects that require a strong source of ‍light.
2. Wide viewing angle: With a​ viewing angle of 120 degrees, these LED ⁢diode lights offer a wide spread of light, ensuring that your projects are well-lit from every angle.
3. Low⁣ power consumption: These LED diode lights are designed to be ⁣energy efficient, consuming low⁤ voltage and ​power. This means ‌you can use them for extended periods without worrying about excessive energy consumption.
4. Compact size: Measuring only 3.5 x 2.8 ​mm, these⁤ LED diode lights are ⁢small and compact, making them ideal for installing in tight spaces or on small circuit boards.
5. Versatile‌ compatibility: These LED diode lights are compatible with various​ applications such as DIY PCB​ board circuits, ‌bulk parts replacements, dashboard ⁤lighting, and even replacing LEDs in car dashes, trucks, motorcycle instrument ​clusters,‌ and Xbox⁣ controllers.⁣ This versatility⁢ makes them a valuable addition to any electronics enthusiast’s toolkit.


  1. Lack of color options: The ⁣Chanzon LED diode lights only⁢ come in a white color. If you⁣ are looking for a wider‍ range of color options​ to suit your specific project needs, you may need to explore other options.
  2. Anode⁢ and cathode polarity: While the packaging ‌does provide‌ a reference picture for anode and cathode polarity, ​it would have been more convenient if the⁤ lights themselves had clear markings or indicators for easy ⁢identification ⁣during installation.
  3. Fragile packaging: The​ lightweight packaging of the LED diode lights may not offer sufficient⁤ protection during ⁤transportation, ​leading to potential damage to ⁢the lights. Extra care should be taken when handling the package to prevent any mishaps.

Overall,‌ the Chanzon 100 pcs LED Diode Lights are a valuable and versatile choice for DIY electronics projects, offering high intensity lighting, energy efficiency, and ⁣a compact size. While they have some limitations in terms of color options and ‌packaging, they⁤ provide excellent value for ‍their price.


Q: What is the size of the Chanzon LED Diode Lights?

A: The Chanzon LED⁤ Diode Lights have a size‍ of 3.5 x ‌2.8 (mm) or 0.12 x 0.1 ‌(inch).

Q: What ⁢is the emitting‌ color⁤ of these LED diode lights?

A: The Chanzon ‌LED Diode Lights emit a bright white color ‌with‍ a⁢ temperature range of 6000K-9000K.

Q: How bright⁣ are these⁣ LED diode lights?

A: These LED diode lights‌ have a luminous intensity of 7-8LM, providing high-intensity illumination.

Q: What is the viewing⁣ angle of the Chanzon LED Diode Lights?

A: The Chanzon LED ⁤Diode Lights have ​a wide viewing angle ⁢of 120 degrees, ‍ensuring a broad⁣ and even ⁤distribution of light.

Q:⁢ What ⁢is⁣ the voltage and current⁣ requirement for these LED diode lights?

A: These LED ⁣diode lights require a forward voltage of 3V-3.2V and a current ​of⁣ 20mA.

Q:‌ How do I determine‌ the polarity of these LED diode lights?

A: Please refer to Picture 3 or look for the arrow on the reverse ‍side of ‌the‍ LED‍ diode lights to determine the ⁢correct polarity.

Q: Are these LED diode lights compatible⁢ with DIY projects?

A: Yes, these LED‍ diode⁢ lights are compatible with DIY PCB board circuits, allowing you⁤ to incorporate them into your own projects.

Q: Can I use these LED diode lights for replacing bulk parts?

A: Absolutely! These LED diode lights can be used for‍ bulk parts replacement, making them a‌ versatile choice for various electronic applications.

Q: Can I use these‌ LED diode⁣ lights to ⁤brighten up my car ⁢or motorcycle instrument cluster?

A: Yes, you can easily replace the existing LEDs ‍in your car dash, truck, motorcycle instrument cluster, or‍ even your Xbox controller with these LED diode‌ lights for a brighter display.

Q: How small are these LED diode lights?

A: These LED diode‍ lights are micro and tiny in size, allowing ​for easy⁤ installation in compact spaces without⁢ compromising on brightness.

Q: Does using these LED diode lights consume a lot of power?

A: No, these LED‌ diode lights have low power consumption and operate at a low ​voltage, making them energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Experience the⁢ Difference

In ‌conclusion, the‌ Chanzon 100 pcs LED Diode Lights are a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or electronics‌ hobbyist. With their high intensity brightness⁣ and wide viewing angle,⁤ they are perfect for illuminating your PCB boards and ⁣dashboard lights.⁣

These LED diode lights are not only small and compact, but also low voltage and low power consumption, making them ideal for various applications. Whether you want to replace the LEDs in‌ your car dash, truck, motorcycle instrument cluster, or Xbox controller, ​these lights are compatible and easy to install.

With a color​ temperature of 6000K-6500K and a ⁢luminous intensity of ​7-8LM, these Chanzon LED ⁣diode lights provide a crisp and bright ⁣white light that will enhance your projects.

So why wait? Brighten​ up‌ your DIY projects with the Chanzon 100 pcs LED Diode Lights today!⁣ Click here ‌to get your pack on Amazon and start creating stunning lighting effects:


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